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We offer the following products and services:

Spray Polyurethane Foam

Spray Polyurethane Foam, or SPF, is a seamless, cellular, premium insulation. An SPF insulated facility will use less energy durring its heating and cooling life-cycle- this reduction in energy consumption will not only offer an economic payback to you, it will also reduce your "carbon footprint" on the environment. SPF insulates difficult areas that cannot be insulated by traditional methods, like box sills and cathedral ceilings, by permanently adhering to the surface.

Benefits include the following:

  • SPF has the highest R-value per inch--approximately R-7 per inch
  • It acts as a seamless barrier, eliminating all air movement from outside to inside
  • Improves air quality with less air infiltration
  • Moisture and condensation control
  • Improves HVAC equipment efficiency
  • Because it permanently adheres to the surface being insulated, it will never settle or sag
  • It adds structural strength and integrity
  • Provides a barrier against sound, making your building quieter
See http://www.cfsolutions.us.com/ for more information.

Stabilized Cellulose

Stabilized cellulose insulation is formulated from recycled paper fibers and is treated for fire resistance, resulting in lasting thermal performance and reassuring safety. With a self-contained dry adhesive, stabilized cellulose insulation is designed to be blown into and completely fill and insulate wall and attic voids by forming a unique structure conforming seamless blanket to significantly reduce sound transmission and virtually eliminate air infiltration, which can carry the outside air, moisture and pollutants into a home. Stabilized cellulose insulation is field proven, applied with a comprehensive and advanced installation system designed for use in wall cavities, attics and between floors.

Benefits include the following:

  • Higher R-value than fiberglass--R-3.9 per inch
  • Installed virtually seamlessly, eliminating voids around outlet boxes and plumbing in the walls
  • Provides better sound control than fiberglass
  • Low toxicity--does not contain fiberglass, mineral fibers, formaldehyde, or other hazardous materials, making it safer
  • 85% recycled paper content. Uses up to 10 times less embodied energy to produce compared to fiberglass.
  • Treated with safe and permanent fire and mold retardants

Insulation Vacuum

We have an insulation vacuum for removing old insulation that has been damaged by smoke or moisture, making your restoration project easier.

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